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Your Well-Being Is Our #1 Priority

Providing the best Pre-Hospital emergency care possible
to the residents of our community

Fire and Rescue Company 5 - Virginia Beach Courthouse

Fire and Rescue Company 21 - Nimmo Parkway

Station 5 at the Courthouse Complex

Station 21 at Red Mill/Strawbridge

Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad Overview

A diverse group of people make up our membership including police officers, grandparents, teachers, medical professionals and folks just like you volunteering their time and talents. Training and uniforms are provided, with lots of excitement. They gain knowledge, confidence, satisfaction in their work and new friends. If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents, please contact EMS Administration at:

There are new classes starting all the time so contact us now

Community Involvement:

In addition to providing emergency medical service to the community, we also serve at special events. These events include the Virginia Beach Amphitheater, the Sportsplex, Pungo Strawberry Festival, school events and other public events and functions.

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